Much bigger than US

1. Continue to grow and develop our at risk youth and adult program.  This program has been our staple program and we would like to reach 100 active members by the summer of 2017.  We are currently at 60.
2. Raise $25,000 to move facilities and upgrade our current equipment in order to provide the best service to the community possible. Check out our budget here. And how to contribute here.
3. Build a women’s only fitness movement.  The movement would focus training on women’s health but would also create an environment where women could openly discuss issues such as nutrition, sexual education, pregnancy prevention, etc.

Long term goals:
1. Build multiple Foundations around Latin America, utilizing the successful model we developed in Panama.

2. Bring at risk youth from neighboring countries into Panama in order to train, learn and develop skills they can use to provide for their families and assist building communities in their respective countries.

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